Meet The

Bull Dog

The bulldog originated In the british isles.

Breed History

There's an extremely rare type of bulldog, prized by many that you can't buy, rescue or breed. You don’t have to go on safari or trek the wilds of Asia to catchy a glimpse of him. Originating in a specific part of the American South, he's been seen by thousands over the generations. The Bulldog has long been a symbol of England’s national resilience and determination. As Winston Churchill once explained to a Nazi envoy, “The nose of the Bulldog has been slanted backwards so that he can breathe without letting go.”

Breed Features

  • sizeMedium Size
  • coat lengthShort Coat
  • trainabilityResponds Well
  • grooming requiredWeekly Grooming
  • activity levelSome Exercise
  • barking levelBarks When Necessary

Breed Colors

  • Dark Golden
  • Gold
  • Light Golden
  • White
  • Black

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