Bull Terrier

Their Coat is short and glossy and requires very little grooming.

Breed History

Bull-and-Terriers - crosses between Bulldogs and various terriers - gained popularity among the sporting fraternity during the early 1800s.During the early 1860s, James Hinks of Birmingham, England responded to the introduction of formal dog shows and the burgeoning demand for pet and prize dogs by developing the breed we know today as the Bull Terrier. Hinks' dogs were more refined and consistent in type than previous Bull-and-Terriers.

Breed Features

  • sizeMedium Size
  • coat lengthShort Coat
  • trainabilityResponds Well
  • grooming requiredOccasional Grooming
  • activity levelLots of Exercise
  • barking levelBarks When Necessary

Breed Colors

  • Black & Tan
  • Black Brindle
  • Black Brindle & White
  • Black Tan & White
  • Brindle & White
  • Red

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