The Newfoundland is particulary suited to the island of
it's origin with a thick heavy coat.

Breed History

There is much uncertainty about the origin of the Newfoundland. Some say that his ancestors are the white Great Pyrenees, dogs brought to the coast of Newfoundland by the Basque fishermen; others that he descended from a French hound (probably the Boarhound); but all agree that he originated in Newfoundland and that his ancestors were undoubtedly brought there by fishermen from the European continent. At any rate, a dog evolved which was particularly suited to the island of his origin.

Breed Features

  • sizeLarge Size
  • coat lengthMedium Coat
  • trainabilityEager to Please
  • grooming requiredOccasional Grooming
  • activity levelSome Exercise
  • barking levelBarks When Necessary

Breed Colors

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • White & Black

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